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Traditional Drawings
My Head Up in the Stars by OTAKUxGIRL
These Tears...(Realism practice) by OTAKUxGIRL
H-hi There Senpai.:WIP:. by OTAKUxGIRL
.:Mascot-tan:.(read description please) by OTAKUxGIRL
My Confession to You by OTAKUxGIRL
.:Old:. Bunny Twins(?) by OTAKUxGIRL
I'll draw almost anything you want~
Shoulder Length/Head Shots
Me So Cute by OTAKUxGIRL
Miku Hatsune chii~ by OTAKUxGIRL
Pika Girl by OTAKUxGIRL
.:Contest Entry:.Yumi for CherriBerriPie by OTAKUxGIRL
Kaite Mizu(EverrenXymil's OC) by OTAKUxGIRL
I'm Kawaii desu yo!~ by OTAKUxGIRL
Outlined and coloured
Half Body
Alexandrea(Sumi98's OC) by OTAKUxGIRL
*ART TRADE* Minty-Berri's OC Hotaru by OTAKUxGIRL
Red Thread of Fate by OTAKUxGIRL
*ART TRADE*Adorable Canada Being Adowable by OTAKUxGIRL
A Heart of Blood, A Heart of Water by OTAKUxGIRL
Outlined and coloured half body pictures
Full Body
Thanks!!! by OTAKUxGIRL
Wrapped Up in a Pretty Bow by OTAKUxGIRL
Ho-Oh's Revenge:PokeHunter wants to play!!! by OTAKUxGIRL
Morbidly Cute by OTAKUxGIRL
Outlined and coloured
*COMMISSION*Chibi Chef for Bio-Box by OTAKUxGIRL
Merry~.:WIP:. by OTAKUxGIRL
Thank So Very Much! by OTAKUxGIRL
3 Month Anniversary~ by OTAKUxGIRL
Cute widdle chibis. Coloured and outlined
Pixel-ru Icons .:Style 1:.
I'm Kawaii desu yo!~ .:Pixel Icon:. by OTAKUxGIRL
Hana Pixel-ru Icon .:COM:. by OTAKUxGIRL
.:CP OC:. Glitchy Kaori by OTAKUxGIRL
.:Comm:. for nightstrikers by OTAKUxGIRL
Miku Pixel-ru Icon .:FREE TO USE:. by OTAKUxGIRL
Snz Pixel-ru Icon .:Happy Birthday Emthesmall!!!:. by OTAKUxGIRL
Pixel Icons either animated or unanimated
Pi-pi-pixel! Icons .:Style 2:.
A new style I'm trying for pixel icons. Full body, either sitting down (like icon above) or one leg out and the other up (like above)
Gif Animation
.:DenNor:. ~Lets Hold Hands Brother~(animation) by OTAKUxGIRL
Dating Sim Glitchy Girl by OTAKUxGIRL
Ho-Oh's Revenge Glitch Animation Practice by OTAKUxGIRL
Pixel Art Practice by OTAKUxGIRL
Animation Try by OTAKUxGIRL
Price usually varies depending on the complexity of the .gif
  • Mood: Lonely

I'm always voicing my emotional problems on here... I'm really sorry about that
But this is kinda the only place I can go to for this. One of my best friends has stopped talking to me and is angry at me... probably hates me too (I'm so sorry). And another best friend of mine, well we got in a fight once and after that things weren't the same. We stopped talking and just... yeah.
I know, some of you would say that I should go talk to a trusted adult or another one of my friends, but it's just not the same. There's difficulty in going to someone older than yourself, because sometimes they could think 'you're just going through emotional phases, this happens in life'. And there are certain friends you can be emotional with, while other you aren't comfortable with being emotional with.

But anyway, besides that...
I'm sorry for being so absent, and feeling so terrible about my work.
Though, because of recent events I'm feeling a lot more lonelier and worthless.
I've been too busy to even talk to some of my best friends, I've been too anxious to talk to people.. so I always end up needed someone to introduce me to new people or having someone else talk to me first...
Just, my life has been going in a direction I'm not so happy about.
I'm not even happy drawing anymore. I can hardly even draw without getting discouraged about how it's looking.
Majority of the drawings I draw now are either emotional or symbolic.

It's just, hard, y'know.
Anyway, I'm sorry about this.
Ugh I've been apologizing too much

Please take care guys~


Mayumi Shiina Rimori
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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Sookie Zodiac Leo 1 by sookiesooker Yeesssss....I AM A LEO.


Holy cow I need an amberlamp!:iconcannotevenplz:(i mean ambulance)

I want to see other peoples art and I want to share my own!If you watch me,I'll watch you back!...Well if you really watched me if you REALLY think I'm nice or mainly cause you like my art.:iconbigsmileplz:

Yo sup,call me Otaku or Mayumi if you want!

REMEMBER:I love anime,manga,cartoons,video games,books,art,drawing,the internet,pizza,and MEMES~

Facts about me:I like green,I'm on the internet too much,I LOVE ~j-pop ~j-rock ~P-pop ~P-rock ~Heavy Metal ~Rock,I think having crushes on anime guys is easier than having crushes on real guys,I'm kinda lazy but when it comes to art I'm not somtimes,asdfghjkl(lazy again...I'll type some more later)

~People I love~

My Gakusei/Nee-chan/BFF She is like THE shizz. You know what I'm saying?::iconeverrenxymil:
My otter BFF who loves her dose of MLP,Pkmn,Warriors,and K-Guys:iconxxice-frostxx:
My Papa Hwaaaaa my deary,dear,dearest papa~::iconsumi98:
My camp buddy Oh I wish I could see her again~:iconmaplebeer:
My Fangirl Friendy She loves her Ikuto...don't worry girl,I won't even try to take him from you:iconsonja-chan123:
My BFF at school She likes pranking me...but I still loves her~:iconxxlegolistxx:
My BRO OF ALL BROS, YO. He be there for me when I'm down and he makes me smile. He be awkward and weird but that's still coolio, cause I'm weird too. He also be-eth my bestie, and I luvs him (like a bro, yo)::iconbio-box:
My big bro...HE BE-ETH AWESOME LIKE::iconaysio:
My sis who is also the rl sis of Aysio...HER ART IS CUTE AND SHE'S SO NICE!!!:iconkit-kat25:
My mama...he is so funneh and shizz:iconken-12:
My big bear sis...SHE IS SUPER COOL AND SUPER NICE!:iconemthesmall:
My Onii-sama/senpai...he is like so sugoi,I LUVS HIS KAWAIINESS!::icondanniikun:
My kohais...THEY ARE SO NICE TO MEH (their senpai) AND THEIR ART IS SO KAWAII!::iconhanameii: :iconchiimeii:
My like super awesome sis she is like da bomb,she understands me and I loves her so much~::iconmiku1212:
My, like, super duper awesome bestie. He's super kind and super great at being a friend:iconbloodlustassassin:
...I'm sorry if I didn't put some of the other people from my watchers,I have to put them later...:iconorzplz:


Canada Icons cause I love him and the icons~:

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Most compatible with: Opportunist Seme, Romantic Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme<p>


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